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Extradition Agreement /Central Tribal University /fast warming of Indian Ocean/

  • 08/11/2018

Extradition Agreement between India and Morocco

  • Cabinet approves signing and ratifying the Extradition Agreement between India and Morocco
  • The Agreement will provide a strong legal base for the extradition of fugitive offenders who are accused of economic offences, terrorism and other serious offences in one Contracting State and found in another Contracting State. This Treaty will also strengthen bilateral relations to deal with criminal elements acting against the national interest of both India and Morocco.

Cabinet approves Amendment to the Central Universities Act, 2009 for setting up of Central Tribal University in Andhra Pradesh

  • The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved setting up of a Central Tribal University in Andhra Pradesh.  The "Central Tribal University of Andhra Pradesh" will be set up in Relli village of Vizianagaram District .

Marine experts warn of fast warming of Indian Ocean

  • Marine experts have expressed their concern on fast warming of Indian Ocean thanks to global warming which, according to them, may pose a severe threat to species extinction.
  • According to him, increased water temperature and higher carbon dioxide concentration make ocean more acidic. There would be a drop in productivity in future due to a gradual damage occurred to the ecosystem and biodiversity owing to climate change.
  • Indian marine fish harvesting is eco-friendlier compared to the global scenario. Our marine fisheries is emitting 17.5% less carbon footprints comparted to the global averages when it comes to fishing materials involved in fishery.